I existentially sneeze.

My Pencil Work

When I work in traditional media, it's largely plain old pencil--preferably mechanical, .05 lead (my favorite, when I can find it, is the Pentel side-clicking mechanical pencil). These pieces range widely in age. Not much of my older work is worth featuring here, but I kept a few old favorites in. A few pieces, such as the dragon and clock, might date back as far as 10 years.

Largely self-trained (I've only had one drawing course), I gravitate toward pencil because it comes naturally to me. An art teacher once told me that working in pencil is very much like sculpting...and while I haven't sculpted much, I can see the similarities. I think in terms of the dimensionality of the object, its volume as picked out in shadows and highlights. I love black and white media because the simple, innate grace in things attracts me--what artists refer to as the 'lines' of a subject--and black and white showcases those lines in the absence of the distractions of color.

My art is not available for purchase or use. I know I can't control what you do with it, but I'll ask that you please respect my work and leave it be unless you contact me for permission first. You can contact me at bluesrat@gmail.com if you have any questions or requests. Cheers!