I existentially sneeze.

My Digital Work

When working with anything other than pencil and paper, I almost always go digital. Part of this is space and money constraints. Paints are expensive and I have nowhere to put a studio or work with messy media like pastels and charcoal. I even draw digitally sometimes (I highly recommend PortalGraphics' openCanvas, which is both well-featured and inexpensive--$40 for the lower-end version, $75 if you're desperate to have access to Photoshop's PSD format).

Working in color is a relatively recent thing for me. It has proven to be a whole different realm of art with its own rules and skill set. Though I've made a lot of headway, I'm still struggling to work out the nuances of things like palettes, shading and lighting (which work very differently in color). You can see the differences in older work like my Church Knight and newer pieces like Mad Scientist.

My art is not available for purchase or use. I know I can't control what you do with it, but I'll ask that you please respect my work and leave it be unless you contact me for permission first. You can contact me at bluesrat@gmail.com if you have any questions or requests. Cheers!