I existentially sneeze.

Bio: Julia Allis

Hi! I'm Julia Allis, a 30-something professional with a BA in English who is in the process of wrapping up my Master's in Information Management at Syracuse University. This site is my online outpost for my interests and hobbies.

Those interests include reading, writing, digital, computers and technology, tea, and topics of information management including information policy, social media, information security, and information systems. In the past, I've studied martial arts (though not currently, alas; I would like to get back into it), and I have a motorcycle that's in storage with my father, since there's nowhere to keep it at my current residence. I look forward to traveling more in the near future. I have pet parrots, I love the outdoors, and I enjoy science.

Information management appeals to me because I enjoy working with both technology and people, and I like to bring the two together. Showing people the amazing things they can do with the tools at hand is like handing them a little bit of the wonder of the world. I'm also fascinated by the way we as humans interfact with our technology, and I'm eager to see where we can take it in the future. For a similar reason, I enjoy science fiction and fantasy; they're imaginative fields dedicated to exploring the human condition through the use of "what if?" If you look at my art gallery, you'll see I heavily borrow from elements of fantasy/sci-fi.

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Julia Allis