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I want to help people achieve their dreams.

I suppose I’m an artist at heart. And one thing an artist loves to do is see what other people create.

So as an information manager, my job is to provide you the tools to build with. And I want to see what you build with them. I guess that’s my reward. To see what you build with them. I want to see what you create.

I like to enjoy life. I think that there’ sa lot of fun to be had and if you take it too seriously then you can miss some very good things.

But that said, there are two things that I do always take seriously. One of them is my responsibilities. If I agree to do something for you, if I agree to enter into a contract or make you a promise, then you’re counting on me. You may have a lot riding on me. And I don’t want to let you down.

The other thing I always take seriously is suffering. Whether it’s someone caught up in the violence in the Sudan or a co-worker going through a bad relationship, that’s still a person in pain. And I don’t want to sit there if there’s something I can do to help them.

As much as I enjoy using my skills to create, if I can use them to help someone, to help them improve their own lives, then that’s making a difference. That’s improving the world, and that’s important to me.

Teacher and children: Ready? One, two, okay. Sweet Saisha, Happy Humvey...

My grandparents taught me, mostly through example, that service was the highest calling. They would invest pretty much all their extra time and money back into their friends and family and community.

When I was young, I remember that my grandfather used to volunteer as the handyman for the school district. We didn’t have much money, so more often than not, he would not only do all the labor himself, but he’d pay for most of the parts and materials out of pocket.

We were this poor little farming community, but if you drove through town you’d never know it. We all pitched in to make it a beautiful place to live and to grow up.