Mage Non-Weapon Proficiencies

Mental Armor Cost: 1 Relevant Ability: Wisdom Modifier -2

For every slot spent on this technique, mental armor (1st edition, a saving throw) decreases one's mental armor class. This technique may only be slotted once per level advancement.

Mental Resistance Cost: 1 Relevant Ability: Wisdom Modifier -1

This technique gives a person a +1 to save vs. magical attacks and mental assaults on the mind. This allows increased resistance even when his mental defenses have been breached. The character will gain this bonus anytime he gains his wisdom modifier and mental disciplines that allow a saving throw.

Casting Styles

Blind Casting cost: one nwp slot Creator: Chispa Alacante, Spell - Spinner

Blind casting is a one slot version of blind fighting which allows the caster to have the listening skills of a thief to use this spell with out penalty. Otherwise there is a 5% chance per missile per perception point (INT + WIS) that a missile will go awry and hit an ally