Healing Spells for Wizards

Repeat Past Cures Chronomancy/Necromancy (Reversible)
Level 6

Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Area of Effect: One victim
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 5
Saving Throw: neg.

This spell allows a caster to cause a victim to re-experience past mundane treatments and curative magic he received in his recent past. The caster sends both of them, physically, back through time to an appropriate position along the time stream. In the present, the both of them seem to disappear. Upon reentering reality, the victim's present self shares the same physical location as his past self long enough to acquire the healing. Both bodies receive the healing benefit. This does create an overlap. The chronomancer, with this spell, can see outlines of the victim's present self while overlapped with the victim's past self. The chronomancer must make a system shock roll in order to be able to pull the victim's present self from the past self. If the chronomancer fails, the victim's present self is trapped in the past. The chronomancer can pull the victim's present self away without difficulty if he cast Life Tether upon the victim's present self before casting 'Repeat Past Cures.' The caster cannot do anything else until both safely return.

The chronomancer can send himself and a victim back through a window of time one week per level of experience. The victim can repeat past cures according the following table. The victim's present self must be conscious for the spell to work. If the chronomancer finds a random location where the victim's past self is unconscious, if applicable, the spell fails and the caster and the victim return to the present.

Type of Random Healing Found
01-50% mundane d4 hitpoints
51-75% magical healing d8 hitpoints
76-95% magical potion d8 hitpoints
96-98% magical potion 3d8+3 hitpoints
99-00% victim's past self unconscious, spell fails

For every two levels of experience, the caster can adjust the roll by a +5% for a more favorable outcome. This spell cannot be used to cure blindness, deafness, etc. This spell cannot help the victim relive any clerical Raise Dead or Resurrection spells that were ever used to bring the victim back to life. This spell is reversible. The material component is a diamond worth 1500gp.

Resistance to Normal Weapons Abjuration
Specialty spell of clerics of Narallis Analor
Level 2

Sphere: Protection
Range: Touch
Duration: special
Components: V,S,M
Casting Time: 2
Area of Effect: creature touched
Saving Throw: none

This spell causes the target to become resistant to normal weapons of all sorts. It does not affect any magical weapon. This spell can be cast in one of two ways: