Ancient Baklunish Pantheon

The ancient Baklunish culture is now lost to time, awash in the sands of the Dry Steppes. However, the Baklunes are a culture steeped in tradition and religion. They feel drawn to re-discover what the Seul took from them in the Invoked Devastation. Many Baklunish scholars dedicate themselves to unearthing this lost birthright. Thus, they have compiled this list of some gods the ancient Baklunish culture apparently revered. Explanations on abbreviations follow, and annotations can be found at the end of the document.


G=Greater Deity
I=Intermediate Deity
L=Lesser Deity
H=Hero Deity

LG=Lawful Good
CG=Chaotic Good
NG=Neutral Good
LN=Lawful Neutral
CN=Chaotic Neutral
LE=Lawful Evil
CE=Chaotic Evil
NE=Neutral Evil

Gender Name Portfolio Alignment Rank Holy Symbol
f Istus, Lady of Our Fate * Fate N G Spindle
f Daena Escort of the Dead N G
f Fravashi, She who is Many Made up of everything living N
m Zam Earth N I
f Ithmel Herds, animals NG G
f Xan Yae, Lady of Perfection * Twilight, Shadows, Stealth, Mental Power N L
? Meni Luck CN I Coin standing on edge
m Mat Barren places, infertility LE I
m Zuoken, Servant of the Lady ** Physical and Mental Mastery N D A striking fist
f Pa Droughts NE I
? Zurran Time, knowledge, names LN G
m Iblis Evil LE De
m Ahriman Evil, Darkness CE G
m Rapithuin Noonday heat N L
f Askerali Moon, Fertility NG I
f Geshtai, Daughter of the Oasis * Rivers, Lakes, Wells, Streams N L Waterspout
? Kamrusepas Healing, Magic N G
m Atar Fire CN I
f Amakita Mother, Warrior defender, Rivers, Water NG I
m Janskyd *** Hero, enslaved demons LG H
f Hatti Protector of kings LG I
m Al'Akbar, Restorer of Righteousness + Guardianship, Faithfulness, Dignity, Duty LG D The Cup and Talisman
f Shar ++ Air, Wind LN I

*: Baklunish gods still known to the Flanaess at large (in other words, copyright WotC).

**: Zuoken is an ascended mortal who serves Xan Yae. He is apparently imprisoned somewhere on the Prime Material plane, and his worshippers constantly search to set him free. (Copyright WotC)

***: Janskyd is apparently an ascended mortal, though little is known of him.

+: Al'Akbar is apparently also an ascended mortal, and the newest of the Baklunish gods, dating from after the Invoked Devastation. The Cup and Talisman of Al'Akbar more than symbols of the faith. They are two artifacts that were given to him to help him bring faith back to the Baklunes after the Invoked Devastation. (Copyright WotC)

++: No relation to the Forgotten Realms Shar, who is a goddess of night and evil and has nothing to do with Greyhawk whatsoever.