I have always felt that the folks who write these games don't have a complete grasp of the difference between death and undeath. I guess they just say, "Well, it's all necromancy," and then proceed to garble them up. In some cases, I suppose that's all right. I'm sure lots of campaigns have gods that do both. But they're not the same, and some people prefer to have a clearer distinction between a truly evil area such as undeath, and death, which is after all a natural process.

Death Domain

This revision attempts to reflect the fact that the Death Domain deals with that fine line between breathing and not. Thus, not only spells that kill, but spells that detect, manipulate, and ward against death or near-death are included. The Domain power remains the same.

  1. Deathwatch
  2. Death Knell
  3. Negative Energy Protection
  4. Death Ward
  5. Slay Living
  6. Antilife Shell
  7. Destruction
  8. Trap the Soul
  9. Wail of the Banshee

Undeath Domain

The Undeath Domain is all about creating undead and manipulating the negative energy that sustains them. Shadow Walk might seem like an odd spell to throw in there. Well, it is. That was half because the realm of Shadow has a lot to do with necromancy, and half because...well, I couldn't find another decent spell for that level. So sue me. Domain power remains the same.

  1. Invisibility to Undead
    Chill Touch
  2. Gentle Repose
  3. Animate Dead
  4. Enervation
  5. Magic Jar
  6. Create Undead
  7. Shadow Walk
  8. Create Greater Undead
  9. Energy Drain