Drameleck are one of the many types of fairy folk on the western side of the continent. They are well known for their loyalty, devotion to duty and the arts, and martial ability.

Personality: Dramelek are fiercely devoted creatures. After coming of age, they attach themselves wholeheartedly to a cause or creed, though they are always sure to choose something that will outlast them. Being as they are, many Drameleck choose to become clerics or fighters in the service of a family or creed.

Physical Description: Drameleck stand between 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 feet tall, and typically weigh between 120-250lbs. They have elvish ears and grace, but the resemblence ends there. Drameleck can 'beef up' like a human. Their skin is gray in color, and their hair is a pristine white. Their eyes are either blue or violet. They prefer the silk kimonos and saris of their human friends and only wear jewelry that does not have a particular personal significance on special occasions. Drameleck reach adulthood at 75 and live to be around 400 years old.

Relations: As Drameleck are so fierce in their loyalty and devotion, anyone else who is devoted to the same creed is treated as a friend and brother, and they do not take kindly to anyone looking down on such a person. Drameleck honor any alliance they have made until death or betrayal, and if betrayed, they take deadly, decisive action.

Alignment: LG, LN, LE, occasionally NG and N

Lands: Drameleck do not have a country of their own. Instead they are completely integrated into the human culture around them. Major Drameleck families have ancestral lands on which a large mansion and a surrounding plantation might sit.

Religion: Drameleck have three gods of their own: Hitamisika (Creator Sun Goddess, LG), Hitomiran (Creator Night God, LE, husband of Hitamisika), and Drameleck (God of Twilight, LN, child of the creators). They also worship human gods and Bahamut, but they do not worship Elven gods, though they have no aversion to them.

Language: Drameleck speak a strange tongue referred to as Hitamoran, which sounds similar to ancient Mesopotamian. Their written language is similar to Nezumi.

Names: Drameleck have three names. The first name is their childhood name and the name good friends and family will call them by. The second name is their adult name, often chosen by the Drameleck at 75 years of age. The third name is a complicated affair and could be either their family name, the name of their god (if they're a cleric), or the name of the creed or cause they are devoted to. A family name will begin with the prefix sera- (pronounced sara), meaning 'I love.' A cleric will add the prefix shira- (pronounced cheerah), meaning 'Devoted to.' A Drameleck devoted to a creed or cause will add the prefix sika- (pronounced seekah), meaning 'My Heart For.'

Male Names: Akio, Chaman, Dinesh, Haru, Kuri, Keiji, Nitesh, Sanjay, Yuki

Female Names: Alka, Denali, Eshana, Hana, Indira, Kaoru, Kirsi, Michiko, Umeko

Family Names: Alagan, Darshan, Hetal, Kaemon, Naresh, Tamasine, Taranunum, Yoshe, Yoshino

Racial Traits:

+2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence
Medium Size
Base Speed 30
Proficient with Katana and Long Bow
+2 Racial Bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive
Automatic Languages - Hitamoran,
Favored Class: Fighter (Samurai), Cleric

Community: Drameleck live with the humans that surround them and have always done so. They do not see a difference between an elder human and an elder Drameleck, both deserve the utmost respect. Drameleck among their families live a very simple life. They are expected to do their share of the daily chores and they often meditate and bathe together. Drameleck homes resemble japanese style homes from the meiji era.

Love and Marriage: Drameleck very rarely 'fall in love.' Instead, they court an individual for six months. If feelings develop, they will extend the courtship for two to five years. After courting, a Drameleck engagement lasts for five years and marriage lasts until one of the pair reaches the 'age of leaving.' (see below) Drameleck are not opposed to marrying humans, but there are no half-Drameleck. The child is either born fully human or fully Drameleck. In this situation, a fully human child will have white hair and the fully Drameleck child will have the eyes of the human parent. Regardless of the race of the child, Drameleck offspring gestate for ten months.

Mysteriousness: Drameleck do not actually die. When they reach zero or less hit points, they go into a sort of coma in which they speak with their ancestors in the 'twilight realm.' When a Drameleck reaches the end of its life, it bequeaths its possessions to loved ones and leaves. Where they go, no one is sure, but they never return. Interestingly enough, when a Drameleck leaves for good, a baby Drameleck is born.

Sample Drameleck:
Nitesh Sera-Hetal (LN male Drameleck, ftr6/samurai7, Str 16, Dex 14, Con 17, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 12) Nitesh is a guardian of the Hetal family's plantation on the outskirts of the small town of Nabaruh. He is pledged to his family's protection and will often act as a bodyguard for his cousins when they venture out on important missions.