The Murex are a humanoid race that lives in the waters in and around the western continent. There are two species of Murex: the Lamellose and the Junonia.


The Lamellose are similar to mermaids in appearance, having the humanoid upper bodies and dolphin-like tails. The Lamellose secrete a substance that hardens into a shell like material that covers their bodies like armor. Their skin has a rubbery feel like a dolphin's hide. Their bodies are hairless. Instead of hair, they grow long, thin, glowing tentacles from there heads and backs similar to a jellyfish. The tentacles have tiny barbs tipped with a neurotoxin hidden in them.

The Lamellose are a blue-green in color with black markings such as stripes and swirls. Their eyes are a solid black with a nictitating membrane. Their shells are a base white color with either black, brown, orange, pink, or red inclusions depending on their diet. The Lamellose eat a variety of fish, mollusk, and seaweed. They have gills on the side of their necks and arms which are protected by their shells. The Lamellose are strictly saltwater creatures and though they have the ability to breathe air, the females are the only ones who go on land. On land, the females' fins become legs, but they are unable to walk without help.

The Lamellose are about a foot long at birth and grow to be between six and eight feet long.


The Junonia look like sea loving Halflings. Instead of skin, they have scales which tend to be blue with brown markings. Their eyes are green or brown. Their hands and feet are webbed and fins stick out from ankles, wrists, and backs. Their skin secretes a slimy film that keeps their scales soft and protects them from disease. Because of this, they shy away from being touched by land based creatures. They have long, colorless hair that changes color with their environment.

The Junonia have gills behind their ears, but they prefer to breathe air. The Junonia live mostly in fresh water rivers and marshes, and a few reside in those areas where fresh and salt water mix. They have no trouble walking on land, but need to spend at least eight hours a day in water. The Junonia are about foot long at birth and grow to be between three to four feet in height.


Lamellose children are curious and will poke their fins into anything. The adults are very conservative and aloof, having explored their world in their youth. The Lamellose tend to be isolationist, but not violently so. Anyone who would enter their waters will only be treated with the respect they treat the Lamellose with.

Junonia children find little interest in anything other than themselves and are often very selfish. The adults are far more adventurous and worldly conscious. They will mix freely with other races, but avoid physical contact. They can take others in stride, but if they or their homes are harmed, they become vengeful.


The Lamellose tend toward lawful and neutral.

The Junonia tend to be chaotic good.

Murex Lands or Waterways

The Lamellose live in underwater cities made from the shell substance they secrete from a gland in their lower back.