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New Archetypes

The Index of archetypes from the White Wolf books.

The Flagellate

Similar to the Penitent, you have something you feel guilt for. Whether you committed a crime, hurt someone you cared for, or simply believe you never do anything right, you constantly beat yourself up. Perhaps you feel that inflicting pain on yourself will make up for your sins, or maybe you're just hard on yourself when you make mistakes. Either way, this is an archetype you probably need to overcome.
Your strength is that you are driven. You constantly strive for perfection, if only to stop the little guilty voice in the back of your head. You regain a point of Willpower whenever you manage this.
Your weakness is your guilt. You will often put yourself in a position for even greater pain, and sometimes this can drag others along with you. If this happens, you will of course feel even worse about yourself afterward.