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My World of Darkness Chronicles

The First Chronicle

Also known as Moscow.

The Victorian Chronicle

Set in 1889, a crossover with an interesting setup--each gameline had its own individual arc. It went defunct, but the idea was to pick our favorite character from the various storylines and run that in the final arc.

The Technocracy World

A spinoff/AU of the Moscow game. The Moscow characters occasionally got flung off into alternate realities. This one took on a life of its own, a world where the Technocracy won the Ascension War. Never completed, but interesting while it lasted.

The Spears Chronicle

After Moscow ended and the New World of Darkness games came out, we decided to play a new chronicle using the NWoD systems. It was a sort of alternate reality thing, with many of the same characters appearing, but often taken in different directions. This is the game for which most of my NWoD material exists, but we only played a handful of sessions before it tanked. Nobody really cared for NWoD, even modified to suit ourselves.

Doc Ether and the Turtle's Song Pack

Our new chronicle, a crossover featuring Werewolf and Mage.

  • The blog containing lists and descriptions the characters, and the write-ups of the sessions.