Derangements from the books at (oWoD)

Obsessive Integrity

You can't act on information that others take for granted. You must scrutinize every piece of relevant information through due process, the scientific method, trial by fire, etc. before you trust it well enough to act on it. You often find yourself unable to take options that seem painfully obvious to everyone else (perhaps to you, too, except that your code of ethics forbids taking it for granted). You must spend a Willpower point to resist this urge for one action.

Compulsive Mentoring

You feel the need to give advice to your childe, protege, or whatever descendants and younger allies may be about. Your meddling is often overly dramatic, needlessly cryptic, or just plain overbearing.

Each day (or night) when you rise, roll 1 die for for every child, student, or protege you have. On each success you must spend one hour that night meeting with them, monitoring their progress, or testing their loyalty. If you cannot find them or reach them to communicate, you spend the time hounding their retainers or friends. If you do not meet your requirement, you must spend one Willpower point and suffer a -1 penalty for all Composure-related rolls the next day.