Infernalism House Rules

Ascertaining what you Can Spend

Mortals: Since Mortals do not have a humanity rating, their "Soul Points" are equal to their Willpower x 10.

Vampires: Since the soul of a vampire is "Tainted" to begin with, and in game mechanics already has Disciplines--to preserve game balance, the "Soul Points" of a vampire are equal to their Humanity x 10. If the vampire follows a path that is in direct opposition to the Humanity Trait (Ex: Path of Evil Revelations) the storyteller determines the possible Humanity based on the characters actions and path rating.

An Infernalist can gain investments by performing services instead of selling parts of their own soul. This is determined by the storyteller and is in direct relation to the value of the investment desired.

The Deal

To properly deal with the Infernal, the Character must possess Law with a specialty of "Infernal Pacts". Since four dots in law are necessary for the specialty, every dot under four increases the difficulty on the roll by 2.

The roll system itself is:

Intelligence + Law (Infernal Pacts) against the base difficulty of 8. Each success subtracts one from the difficulty of the second roll: Manipulation + Law (Infernal Pacts), in an opposed roll against the demon. On the first roll, the Infernalist does not re-roll 10's, the specialty only allows him the roll. On the second roll, however, 10's are re-rolled.

If the Infernalist wins the second roll, they may pay one point less for the investment for each success over the win. If he loses it's one point more per success of the Patron. If the Infernalist botches the roll, well ouch.

Investments and Costs

The costs of all Investments have changed for the house rules. Since rather than 10 total points or somewhere within that range, the Infernalist now has an average of 40-60. There are no longer one or Two point investments. The book references show the location of the description of the investment, not the cost.

3 Point Investments

Devil's Eyes (MPoS)
Goat Feet (MPoS)
Aquatic (VSHS)
Bat Ears (VSHS)
Magic Sense (VSHS)
Razor Fangs (VSHS)
Smell Fear (VSHS)
Serpent Skin (MPoS)

Four Point Investments

Awareness (MPoS)
Invisibility to Animals (VSHS)
Pheromone Powers (VSHS)
Psychic Tracker (VSHS)
Kiss of Hades (VSHS)
Walk The Walls (VSHS)
Luciferian Charm (MPoS)
Pan Pipe Voice (MPoS)
Wings (MPoS)
Eyes of The Abyss (MBoM)

Five Point Investments

Sign of Inferno (MPoS)
Magic Portal (VSHS)
Guardian (VSHS)
Hell Skinned (VSHS)
Imp Familiar (MBoM)
Toxic Blast (VSHS)
Two Dimensional (VSHS)

Six Point Investments

Shameful Sight (MPoS)
Emotion Projection (MBoM)
Master of Domain (VSHS)
Teleportation (VSHS)

Seven Point Investments

Talons Of Plague Crow (MPoS) (Not affecting supernatural)
Atrophic Touch (VSHS)
Infernal Passage (VSHS)

Higher Investments

Longevity (10 points for every 50 years)
Regeneration (9 points) (Does not regenerate Aggravated Damage) (Follows description in MPoS)
Regeneration (15 points) (Does regenerate Aggravated Damage) (Follows description in MPoS)
Summon Hellions (15 points per mid-ranked demon)

Variable Costs Investments

Attribute Increase (3 points per dot up to 6, 4 points per dot up to 8)
Background points (2 per dot up to 4, 3 per dot up to 6, 5 per dot up to 8)
Ability Increase (3 for a new ability, 2 per dot from 2-4, 3 per dot from 5-6, 4 per dot 7 and up)
Hedge Magic Path ( 5 points for new Path, six points for 2-3, 7 points 4-5, 15 points each after)
Thaumaturgy Path (Same as Hedge Magic)