Yomi Realm: The Hell of Those Who Victimize Children

Queen: Uza Hyakken


Created in the Second Age by the August Personage of Jade to punish those who Victimize children, Uza Hyakken fulfilled her duties with honor for thousands of years. But as time passed she began to believe that the world was far too corrupt and didn't deserve its' children due to all of the souls delivered to her.

Speaking against the August Personage, Hyakken began to desire the position of Demon Empress to correct and punish. She currently possesses a fractured mind that follows several lines of thought.

Hyakken will torture the souls of those who Victimize children and occasionally she will "Free" a child from its' tortured life, since she believes a second chance awaits them. As one of the Few female Yang lords of Yomi, Hyakken is wild and erratic.


Uza Hyakken usually appears as a Grandmother of incredible age. She sometimes appears as a plain woman of late youth or early middle age. Nothing about her common appearances is demonic in any way. She reserves that for her anger.

The Hell

The Hell is a place of absolute punishment. Hyakken Servitors, her "Beautiful Children", fall into two categories. Both are demonic parodies of real children. The first are umbral creatures who are gibbering, ravenous and bestial things. The second are beautiful cold creatures who's outward purity is corrupted by an inner evil beyond most people's imaginations.

The children are the taskmasters of the Hell, and most of the souls within are their playthings, for The Grandmother believes all children need their toys. Those souls unfortunate enough to become the toys are shaped into hideous instruments, dolls aware of their state, obscene rocking horses and virtually every other warped and corrupted version of a child's joy. And the "Beautiful Ones" are not gentle with their toys.

Other souls, "The Favored" are put to work in mirror images of the sweat shops they ran in life. Among other things they spend their time fashioning the Toys for the children. To the horror of most who know of the Shops, Hyakken rarely has need to change them form their earthly counterparts to fit them into her hell.

Mothers who have neglected or harmed their children spend eternity being impregnated by the creatures The Queen creates and constantly give birth to the "Beautiful Ones". The Children gestate quickly and come forth in great pain, usually tearing their way out of the womb into the Hell.


Type one (Monsters)
Str 4 Car 0 Per 3
Dex 3 Man 1 Int 2
Sta 4 App 0 Wits 3
Alertness 3
Awarness 2
Dodge 3
Brawl 4
Emapthy 2
Hun 3
Yin 4
Yang 6
Po 5
Yang Prana 3
Flesh Shintai 2
Internalize 3
Demon Shintai 3
Kiai 6

Type Two (Icelings)
Str 2 Car 4 Per 4
Dex 4 Man 4 Int 4
Sta 3 App 4 Wits 5
Alertness 4
Awarness 3
Empathy 4
Dodge 2
Melee 2
Brawl 2
Hun 2
Yin 5
Yang 6
Po 8
Yin Prana 4
Demon Shintai 3
Blood Shintai 3
Ghost Flame Shintai 4
Hellweaving 4
Black Wind 2