Moscow Chronicle: Characters

Okay, now things are just getting ridiculous. Look at all these people! Granted, about a third of them are dead (well, maybe a quarter), but still! Well, it befits the grand sweep of this chronicle, I suppose. It is an epic, after all. Anyway, just click on the linked names if you want to see pictures of the characters. Not all of them have pictures, of course. Sheesh...

So, here we go!

The Player Characters

Julia's characters:

  • Gerald Davinport: young ex-Verbena, really lousy life. Jack the Ripper is his mentor. One of the original group. This is important.
  • Erik Carvell: Antitribu Lasombra, searching for Golconda. Also the Sheriff of Moscow. I took him over from someone who doesn't play the chronicle any more.
  • Jordan DeCauliffe: mage from the Cult of Ecstasy, is blood bound to the lovely Daliah the Assamite--and loving it! Also has a mental connection to Sister Kate Welles. From an alternate world.
  • Demetrius Archangeli: a mage from the 1100s. Got trapped in an Umbral realm where time doesn't pass right, finally got out in 1998, and was helped by Father Dane and Ricker. Has a complicated history after that. He was a spirit for a while.
  • Anna Yetlosky: 90-year-old Russian Brujah. She's the less militant version of her clan; pity for her.
  • Nadja Onendach: 9-year-old girl. What, were you expecting more? Blame it on Gerald.
  • Dancing Firefly: Indian Kuei-jin of the Thousand Whispers dharma. Part of a wu sent by theQuincunx to ask for the group's help in studying the taint on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • Lucia Fallivene: a young Italian noblewoman from the 1400s. Member of the Artificers in the Order of Reason. Currently inventing her own version of physics, and building a legendary ship.
  • Daniel: a travelling musician who happens to be Faerie kin (Eshu, to be precise). Also from the 1400s.
  • Mixue: a hsien, or Shinma (Asian fae/elemental). She's a Chu Jung, one of the fireelementals. Came to observe the omen of Michael.
  • Dona Calida Maria Jimena de Lorenzo: the wraith of a Spanish noblewoman who died in the 14th century. Her husband is Erik's Sire.
  • Laura Peterson: Virtual Adept who applied for a job in the Midnight Circus and got it. She enjoys it and feels useful, even if Jack the Ripper does hate Virtual Adepts.
  • Lark: Uktena Theurge. She does a lot and tries to keep the shapeshifters sane.

Nicolle's characters:

  • Shade (Leila Andula): Elder Tremere-turned-Salubri (long story), and the Seneschal of Moscow. Also a priestess of Isis, and a sometime beacon of sanity among the group (she and Erik trade off). One of the original group.
  • Aby T. Homoculus: Shade's homoculus-turned-Tremere. Now looks just like Shade, except a few inches taller and with white hair. She took Shade's place as Seneschal in Moscow after most of the group left.
  • Sabrina Mayfield: Shade's apprentice Tremere nexus-turned-spirit. Followed an unusual path of Thaumaturgical study that culminated in her attainment of the position of Death Ghede (a Santeria spirit thing).
  • Daliah: an Assamite from an alternate world. She and Jordan are having a torrid affair, etc. He's blood bound to her, and they're both quite happy.
  • Sephra: used to be a Setite who became blood bound to Shade. She died in a Nephandic attack on Michael Taj's house, where they were living at the time. Now she's a wraith. Usually avoids these people.
  • Marion Versa: a nice woman who happens to be a Setite, and one of the richest people in the world. Pretends to be a Toreador, though, and probably has more Toreador about her than Setite anyway. Her proudest accomplishment--her ability to disassemble a tank in 30 minutes.
  • Abigail: A very nice young woman, who is a bizarre cross between a Son of Ether (her official Tradition) and a Dreamspeaker (her true calling). She and Philip the MiB are an item, though they won't admit it. Looks just like Gwen Stefani.
  • Ming Na: Japanese Kuei-jin of the Song of Shadow dharma. Second member of the wu, and actually has interacted with the group before when she was a member of a different wu that fractured. She really doesn't want to be here.
  • Abella: A Batini mage from the 1400s. She's Muslim and thinks she's too old to get married (she's 20).
  • Himiko: A feng shui artist from Hong Kong. Has a friend who's Kitsune.
  • The Thrashing Dragon who ate Ricker: the Kuei-jin who ate Ricker. It's the only time she's shown up so far.
  • Jared: one of Shade's childer (vampires she Embraced). Best friends with another of her childer. Very serious, screamingly boring.
  • Aaron: another of Shade's childer, best friends with Jared. A total clown.
  • Arianna: Shade's other childe. She's an odd woman. Really hates French men. I believe she's a vodoun practitioner from Haiti.
  • Chrissy: a Salubri who works as a doctor in the Midnight Circus. Used to room with Shade in college.
  • Christine: An Occultity Tremere who works in the library in the hotel. Well, under the hotel. She came with Daliah and the others and avoids everyone like the plague.
  • C.C.: a Toreador jazz player who lives in New Orleans. She's a Santerian priestess. Also used to room with Shade.
  • Nidawi: A Zuni Nunnehi (Native American fae), one of the Cachina. Here to care for Jack Cage's boy, Jeremy.

Scott's characters: he doesn't play anymore, so they're either retired or taken over by someone else.

  • Erik Carvell: originally his but mine now! Mwah hah hah.
  • Jack Cage: dunh dunh Jack Cage! Indescribable. "Normal" mortal, one of the original group, met these people while hunting Decarabas, who had killed his father. Also Chaos Embodied. Now an NPC.
  • Ted: a Son of Ether with a Star Trek fetish. He went into Quiet and was Embraced by a Tremere antitribu. Hasn't been seen since.
  • Reggie the Veggie: a Malkavian who saw everyone except other vampires as vegetables, because he had a moral problem with eating meat.
  • Putts: can't recall his last name. A normal mortal, tabloid reporter. Got killed when he cocked off to an Unseelie sidhe.
  • A Brujah stuntman: thought he was the 'Black Leonardo DiCaprio.' I suppose he was right, come to think of it. Can't recall what happened to him.
  • Jason Mitchell: Dr. Baxter's partner for a while. Had an obsessive desire to prove the existence of vampires.
  • A horde of mages: Scott took a notion into his head to play an entire cabal of mages in New York City for a bit. It overloaded him, he passed some out to other people to play, and I think most of them ended up dead.

Bill Eby's characters:

  • Verious: a Malkavian, one of the original group. Was zapped out of existence by an angry Marauder (see Pastor in the NPCs).
  • Preacher: an ex-Chorister long ago, then an Immortal (his Nephandi wife sacrificed him), then a mage again with a Marauder for a mentor. Well, anyway. Eaten by the Serpent of Chaos, but recently brought back, now dead again because Decarabas killed him.
  • Ricker: a young Virtual Adept who really wanted to help Jack the Ripper see the error of his ways. Was eaten by a Thrashing Dragon (not the one with the wu), but is alive again. Currently he's got Preacher's soul, and has gone through two Avatars within as many months.
  • Lorien: Italian Toreador with really dangerous hair. He died in an explosion that took out the top two floors of the hotel the group was staying in. Before that, he was the Scourge.
  • Sam: A young girl who had recently become an Eshu. The group shipped her out for her own good.
  • Gwen: A young Swara. She has major family problems.

Sarah's characters:

  • Malcolm Price: a troubled young Virtual Adept, Michael Taj's ward for a while. Their relationship's strained these days, but he's out on his own now. Ricker's new Mentor.
  • Myra Long: an Eshu concert pianist who hung out with this group in Hong Kong for a while.

Kat's characters:

  • Starr, aka Daniella Cortez: Starr is a young Tremere with issues. She's trying to straighten herself out, though. Is currently looking for a mentor.
  • Lady Delila: a Toreador who was around for a little. She died pretty quickly, though, after drinking Malkavian blood. Very funny lady.
  • Jenna Raven Griffin: An Orphan mage. Apparently smitten with Gerald, and has a lot of problems. Poor girl.
  • Hermosa: a Cat Pooka who also wanted to sleep with Gerald. She didn't last long before she fell into the hands of the Master, got dropped into the Midnight Circus, and had her soul devoured by the Serpent of Chaos.
  • Amy: A flaky Toreador who frenzied, killed a child, was punished by Decarabas, and then nabbed by Jack the Ripper and tossed in the Caul. She turned into a fanged monstrosity.
  • Jennifer: a Malkavian who recently showed up at the hotel. Staying somewhere in Moscow.
  • Analisa: Another Orphan mage. She has a twin brother named Jesse who is linked to her, and is pregnant with twin Garou babies.
  • Jesse: Analisa's twin. He's evil, selfish and kind of stupid. Sold his soul to a few different people and went Nephandi. Now he works for Michael's father.

Steve's characters:

  • Kai (Thomas Chang): a very disturbed Akashic Brother. Was in search of his parentage, and finally learned that his mom was a clone, and his dad was a Progenitor.
  • Jake Hunter: a bounty hunter from an alternate future, sent back to change things so it never came to pass. As it turned out, he was sent back to the wrong place. Eventually died.
  • Jake Hunter II: an alternate version of Jake from a reality where vampires are much more prominent (we call it the Sabbat World). Showed up briefly, then got back to where he came from.
  • A Giovanni: a new fellow, sent by the Giovanni to speak with Decarabas about taking over organized crime in Moscow. Hasn't made himself too visible so far.
  • Razor: she's a shih, a demon hunter from Asia. Doesn't show up often.

'Doc' Bill McDonald's characters:

  • Gordon Lightfoot: Dreamspeaker. One of the original group, but was only around for a short time.
  • Suko Namayona: Japanese Kuei-jin of the Devil Tiger dharma. Was a member of the original wu, and was actually the impetus for it's breaking. He ran off to take over California. Nearly managed it, too, except he crossed Jack the Ripper when he had Ricker eaten (Jack wanted to kill Ricker himself).
  • A Risen and her coven: don't know much about this group. Strange bunch. Consists of the Risen girl, a sorceress, a Ravnos girl, and a hunter named Vosch.

John Harley's characters:

  • Arthur Jensen Gordon: Order of Hermes. Arthur is God. One of the original group, but he managed to get away. Did I mention he's God? Also known as the Storyteller's Bane.

Gail's characters:

  • Lyoness: an Abomination (werewolf Embraced as vampire). Don't know what tribe, don't know what clan. One of the original characters, but she didn't stick around for long. Didn't do much while she was there.
  • Rain: an Immortal who was supposed to teach Jack Cage (who was also Immortal for a little bit). Failed badly, got brainwashed by Morgan le Fay and died attacking the group.
  • Fa Sin: A Chinese Kuei-jin of the Thrashing Dragon dharma. A member of the original wu, but was not the person who ate Ricker.

Chaz's characters:

  • A werebear: was chasing Jack the Ripper, who killed his sister. Don't know what ever became of him.

Jimi's characters:

  • Aedhan: A Fianna warrior from 6th Century Ireland. Cool guy. Father of Analisa's children to be.
  • Thirteen: Arrogant Virtual Adept who finally crossed one person too many, got shot in the back of the head, and became a wraith. He's still stuck here.

And finally (because the list is so long), Brian Wolfe's characters:

  • Richard Halfmoon: Silverfang Garou. One of the original characters. Lasted two sessions and then got zapped out of existence by a Paradox spirit named Wrinkle after it had politely asked him not to do a stupid thing and he went and did it anyway.
  • Jack Gunner aka Stupid Brujah: Incredible! A Brujah arms dealer with no brawl, no dodge, no melee, who managed in his PRELUDE to tick off Doc Holiday, a nameless Nosferatu, AND Jack the Ripper. Jack insisted the Brujah be called Robert because he didn't want to share names with someone so stupid. Died attacking the Ripper on a wooden roller coaster in Hong Kong.
  • Ubassa: a Bubasti who came to serve Shade as part of a debt his family owed to her. He was killed by Jack Cage, who wasn't paying attention to what he was doing in a battle. He's back, but staying the heck away from these people.
  • Nameless Badger Pooka: tortured by Jack the Ripper. Don't even recall why. Also stays the heck away from these people.
  • A Silent Strider: I think his name is Michael. Gerald met him, things went wacky and then never happened, so they've never actually met him. Around somewhere.
  • Robert: a Bone Gnawer who was turned into a Werepossum by Pastor, became Mechawerepossum after Iteration X got hold of him, and then was killed when one of Jack Cage's plans went awry.
  • A Gangrel: stuntman who was captured and mutated by a Tremere antitribu. Then he was screwed up by Jack the Ripper, then was turned human (can't recall how) and died when he tried to stop Decarabas from frenzying.
  • William the Surfer Vamp: a Brujah from California who eventually got rid of the horrible surfer dude accent. Was killed in a meteor shower from a Bane Mummy while on guard duty. Is now a zombie in Moscow.
  • Tony the Tiger: damned if I can recall his real name. A Kahn (weretiger) who was killed when a bomb blew up the top floors of the hotel they were all staying at.
  • Alexander: a Swara (werecheetah) who isn't actually dead. However, Jack the Ripper did some pretty horrible things after Alexander cocked off to him. Because of that, the entire Swara tribe almost went extinct. He, meanwhile, is a little (human) baby somewhere in America.
  • A Nazi Brujah: he chased the group around a bit in 1942, and later he died, a janitor in New York City. I'm not sure any of them ever realized he existed.
  • A Ceilican: don't think he even survived a full session. Was travelling with Putts, and got into the fight with the angry Unseelie sidhe.
  • A werebear: the group met him at an ice sculpture show. He doesn't show up much because, unlike Brian's other characters, he has the sense to stay away from danger.
  • Jason the Brujah: Currently staying in Moscow. Doesn't do much...
  • Shara: A Black Fury Ahroun (the warrior caste) from the 1400s. A walking disaster, her every move seems to imperil the world.
  • Arten: A Nuwisha, were-Coyote. Showed up to teach Jack Cage humility, of all things. Got screwed, of course.
  • Leto: A wild-beast, which is some kind of Bygone, or magical animal. Aedhan ripped him in half. He's dead.
  • Nathan: an orphan Mage with one arm. Hasn't really been around much, but is hoping to talk Philip into helping him build a cybernetic arm with a cannon on it.
  • Alyssa: A young Fiona Sidhe girl. She said something stupid when she first met these people, ended up getting her brother killed, and is now enemies with Samantha. That's her first week.
  • Possibly three or so other characters who are also dead, I guarantee you.

If you thought that was bad, here are the NPCs!

Major characters:

  • Pastor: The Marauder. The first Marauder. Incredibly powerful, incredibly insane. He's been known as Thoth, Hermes, a lot of the trickster gods. It's all his fault.
  • Decarabas: one of the originals, though an enemy for a while. Elder Toreador who was Prince of Moscow for a while. One of the owners of the Midnight Circus, Gerald's best friend, Shade's lover.
  • Michael Taj, the Demon Hunter: Dhampyr Shih (half Kuei-jin demon hunter). One of the originals. Met the group while hunting his akuma father in the Midnight Circus. Actually he's Wan Xian now, one of the Ten Thousand Immortals.
  • Doc Holiday: Susan Dougal, a Malkavian. She patterned herself on Doc Holiday from Tombstone. Total psycho. One of the original group.
  • Jack the Ripper: Yes, THE Jack the Ripper. Ex-Nephandi ex-Verbena Incarna of Fear Oracle Mage. He's an enemy, mostly...but is somehow stuck with them. He wants to kill God and take His place. Gerald's mentor (long story).
  • Alex Gardner: A Faerie kin who worked with the Arcanum till Jack Cage got him fired. Now he works for Interpol as Michael's second in command. Sort of one of the original characters, but no one ever saw him till later on. His grand-dad was one of the Tuatha de Danaan, or something.
  • Lauren: Alex's niece, Jack Cage's partner for a few days, a Sidhe who went into Chrysalis while working with him. She was screwed up, then killed, then a wraith, then destroyed, now she's back as a Sidhe, or two.
  • Ankh aka Alison Taj: Michael's daughter, though neither knew it for a while. She's a Hollow One, also screwed up, now an Archmaster of Time due to unusual circumstances.
  • Sira: A Kuei-jin of the Song of Shadow dharma. Called the Emissary, she acts as the Kuei-jin ambassador to the West because she's Asian-American.
  • Simon: True Brujah, member of the Tal'Ma'He'Ra, originally a mage from Atlantis, Simon is 3 600 years old and has been masquerading as a Tremere for a couple hundred years.
  • The Doctor: Who. She's Doctor Who. Actually, a Son of Ether who's kind of nutty, was originally a man till he 'Regenerated.' Does have a TARDIS, though, as well as K-9.
  • Mona: a 13 year old Hollow One, Ankh's apprentice and daughter. Marion Versa is her official guardian.
  • Cyndellw: the Welsh poet, Cyndellw is now an 800 year old Toreador who hangs out a lot with Marion.
  • Father Marcus Dane S.J.: better known as Saint Francis Xavier, Dane is about 300 years old. He doesn't know why he doesn't grow old and die, he just assumes it's God's will. Has a twin sister named Alyssa, who acts as a sometime-enemy of the group.
  • Calliste: the adopted son of High King David, Calliste a Sidhe originally of House Scatatch. He's married to Susan.
  • Susan: Sidhe of House Ailill. No one knows much about her, and she likes to keep it that way. Was apparently originally a member of House Eiluned, but no one knows much about that either.
  • Sam: a chimera, Sam is a teddy bear with a dimensional zipper pocket in his head. Sam's one of the original crew.
  • Dr. Gina Baxter: a member of the CDC and Project Twilight, when she's not accidentally following these people around, Dr. Baxter works at the Moscow free clinic while pursuing research into strange blood disorders.
  • Sister Katherine Welles: a Euthanatos nun, and possibly the strangest person out of this entire crew (that's such a cute thing to say!). Has an odd little mental link with Jordan, created when they both screwed up a Mind effect.
  • Shannon Cage: Jack Cage's daughter by one of Decarabas' childer, was half-vampire (something about Immortals and vampires). Killed by Gerald when she started working with the Serpent of Chaos, but is alive again, purely human, and a mage.
  • Darius: Indian Chakravanti mage from the 1400s. Nagah kinfolk, trained assassin.
  • Philip: New World Order mage gone sort-of rogue. He's been an Ahl-i-Batin in every life but this one, and now that the rest of the group knows it, they constantly tease him about it. He and Abigail are an item (but they won't admit it).
  • Corvinia: A sin-eater from the Choeur Celeste, from the 1400s. Also an ascetic I think.
  • Elizabeth: Void Seeker from the 1400s, she's a bestiary scribe.
  • Shari: a bound Rakshasa, Darius' servant.
  • Aaron: A Garou kinfolk bard from the 1400s, he and Daniel have become pretty good friends. Drinks with Alex a lot.
  • Alexi: Ananasi, Weaver-aspected. He's freaking around these people, who are chaos. Poor, poor creature.
  • Merle: a Nocker who works for Calliste and Alex. Also Nadja's favorite person.
  • Martin Delonais: a Wraith who was a French pilot in World War I. Was also an Orphan mage. Now he's a Ferryman, but until recently he held Jenna's original Avatar as his Fetter.
  • Joshua: Jenna's best friend. They were in a car crash together when they were 17, engaged, then broke up. More recently, he got stuck with Jenna's original Avatar after the Ripper screwed with it and it decided it loathed Jenna. Budding Cultist of Ecstasy.
  • Kelly: Jenna's other best friend. She died in the same car crash, and now she's a mummy. She hangs around to protect Jenna and Josh.
  • Celeste: a Verbena blood bound to Simon. She also works for the Tal'Ma'He'Rah. Normally she just tries to stay out of everyone's way.
  • Ososuki: the Kitsune who hangs out with Himiko. He and Dmitri chat occasionally.
  • Brother Malcolm: half-demon monk from the 1400s. He tries his hardest to be good, but the bone wings and fire-spitting are just unnerving...
  • Robert: the Virtual Adept Primus. Nice guy, occasionally helps the group with stuff. He tends to stay away, though, which just proves he has more sense than most VAs.
  • K-9: The Doctor's robot dog, of course.
  • Kosdos the Gypsy: from the 1400s. He's running around Moscow somewhere, probably creating all kinds of havoc.
  • Astarte: The Autumn Queen, or the Spring Queen, depending. One of the first Sidhe. Runs the Renaissance Faire at the Midnight Circus. One of the three owners. She used to be an enemy, but is in a nicer mood these days.
  • Jeremey Thomas Cage: Jack Cage's son. His daddy was a Croatan, his mom was Jack Cage (don't ask). He's a werewolf. Named after Thomas Chang. Doesn't take after his mother, thank god.
  • Ethan: A Roc that Gerald got for Jenna. Hey, a crazy mage had him on sale!


  • Jack the Ripper: sometimes.
  • Darren McDermitt: Irish Progenitor Nephandus from the past. Used to be Aeon's sidekick. Fun to torment.
  • Devyn Cavendish: 600 year old Nephandus, ex-Celestial Chorus, originally named Anastagio. Runs the Midnight Circus, and hateshatesHATES Gerald, who harasses him a lot. Jack and Devyn have a rivalry.
  • Alyssa Dane: Dane's twin sister. She changes her last name to keep up with him. Was the one who blew up the hotel. Has a vicious sibling rivalry with her brother.
  • The Master: an evil alternate version of the Doctor, he's the reason the Doctor Regenerated. Also has a TARDIS. Frequently an idiot.
  • Rasputin: the Mad Monk, from Russian history. A Nephandus whom the Ripper brought in recently because the group was 'running low' on them. Speaking of hard to kill...
  • Morgan le Fay: Yes, that Morgan le Fay.
  • Michael's father: Kuei-jin, akuma, served Mikaboshi, the Yomi Lord of the Wicked City, till he killed Mikaboshi and became Yomi Lord of the Wicked City. Doesn't die very well.
  • Michael's father's apprentice: not sure if he's around any more, but he had a robotic third eye as an Infernal Investment from Mikaboshi. Was recently sighted being killed by members of the group again.
  • Screams in the Night: ex-Akashic Nephandus, originally hired by Devyn Cavendish to assassinate Gerald and Arthur.
  • The Cyborg: Gerald from an alternate world where he was Iteration X. The Ripper got hold of him and turned him Nephandus. The group eventually got rid of him, he came back briefly, but Jack the Ripper seems to have dealt with him.
  • Samantha: Alexis and Jack the Ripper's daughter from an alternate world, where he's not Nephandi.
  • Baba Yaga: From Russian myth. In the World of Darkness she's an ancient vampire hag. The group killed her; well, mostly Pastor did. Came back briefly but Jack the Ripper seems to have dealt with her.
  • Raven: the antitribu Tremere Infernalist who mutated the Gangrel. Was killed by Jake Hunter, then brought back and killed again by Shade. She keeps her head as a trophy and plays volleyball with it.
  • Mordred: of Arthurian fame. Made a brief appearance before Kai cut his head off. Probably dead and gone. Not.
  • Apophis, Serpent of Chaos: an Incarna of destruction and chaos, reluctant aspect of the Wyrm, one of the Patrons of the old Midnight Circus. Wants to eat Gerald, and especially Jack the Ripper.
  • Lira: a Baali who helped run the Midnight Circus for a while. She's dead now.
  • Inquisitor Cyborg: Dane, Dmitri, and Ricker ran into this guy a long time ago, and thought they'd killed him. He wasn't a cyborg then, but they might be in some trouble now.
  • Heinrich Himmler: The one and only. Nazi. Nephandi. Had the Spear of Destiny for a while. He'sdead and gone now.
  • Aeon: A Void Engineer Nephandi who liked to play with nanotech. Caused a lot of problems. Ah, for the days of the good old-fashioned mystic Nephandi... DEAD!!!! (almost certainly for good)
  • The psychomachea: Jack's....uhm....psychomachea. It's a Bane spirit, kind of They've got a neat little symbiotic relationship. He feeds it pain and suffering from his victims, it protects him in case of death, etc. He can basically store his personality in it. The thing caused no end of trouble for the group while they stayed in Hong Kong.

And the minor NPCs:

  • Simon Westfall: one of the Doctor's assistants. Was originally a Void Engineer, but got hauled in by these people after a disaster with an Umbral ship.
  • Patty: a Cult of Ecstasy mage who liked to look like a little girl. She hung out with the group for a bit. Recently visited as an adult.
  • Kari: a Priestess of Isis who prefers being the Doctor's assistant.
  • Alexis the Wanderer: Verbena. Gerald's original mentor, and Jack the Ripper's mentor and ex-wife. Also saved Decarabas' life when he was very young. Jack murdered her recently as a sacrifice, so she's dead now.
  • Moria McTaggert: Euthanatos, and Ankh's mother. She has a...problem with kids.
  • Serrira: a Gypsy. Killed in the battle with the Autumn Queen.
  • Heylel Teomim: s/he was resurrected briefly to cause trouble, but then a Nephandus s/he'd irritated caught up with him (her? it? them?). Was trapped in a magical artifact but the group needed the room, so they dealt with him/her.
  • A Euthanatos: he died so early in the chronicle, no one ever learned his name. Decarabas broke his neck.
  • Sir Bevin: a lovely knight from House Ailil. He got involved with the Duke's manor out of curiosity regarding the rest of that group. Is the Unseelie ruler of the Black Heath duchy.
  • Anastasia Romanov: the Grand Duchess of the Russian Romanov family. She was Embraced by the Ventrue, and is now a Primogen of Moscow
  • Ivan: 800 year old Brujah, the Prince of Moscow.
  • The Fruitcake: an old Malkavian who gets his kicks by acting as a doorstop in Simon's office. Thinks he's a fruitcake. Decarabas ordered him for Simon, who gave him to Aby for Christmas.
  • Athos, Porthos, and Aramis: three Gargoyles who took the names of the Musketeers. They live on the hotel's roof. Porthos is actually no longer a Gargoyle. He was turned back into a Toreador.
  • Michael Dark: a sorcerer who Marion knows a little. She did a favor for him once or something.
  • Mia: Dark's Corax assistant.
  • The Old Man in Black: this guy's so cool! He's ancient and creaky, and incredibly good at his job. Hasn't been around in a while. Could he be Philip...?
  • Senile Theurge: wasn't really senile, but Michael the Silent Strider pestered him a lot, so he decided to play dumb.
  • Simon's family: died 3 600 year ago when Atlantis blew up. The group stayed with them for a little (long story, and very sad).
  • Christina: A Giovanni ghoul. Ricker, Marion, Dane, and some other people were staying with her for a while. Sira ended up killing her. Wait, is she back?
  • Prince Athoran: High King David's other son. Some of the group ran into him a while back, when they were helping look for High King David, who had been kidnapped.
  • Feral: Michael's apprentice, and one of the Scarlet Shih, the demon hunter group he leads.
  • George Gordon, Lord Byron: Yes. The poet. Ankh's mentor, and the first Hollow One. He's still around, too.
  • Sarah: The Doctor's other companion. Got picked up in New York City when a HITMark was chasing her. The Doctor keeps her around because she's interesting and she's named Sarah.
  • Rati: Decarabas' childe, the one who Jack Cage slept with.
  • A Jewish sorceress: was helping Gerald for a little bit. She's still around, but isn't involved with the group any more.
  • Ryan McDiarmid: Son of Ether who specializes in 'Atlantean technology.' No idea if it really is; Simon's never spoken with him.
  • Hindu Mummy: runs an occult shop in Moscow. People go bother him every so often.
  • Death Pooka: or should I say dead Pooka? Geased Gerald and Jack to play a prank on the Serpent of Chaos. When they got hold of him, they geased him to play a prank on Devyn Cavendish, then they threw him in the Midnight Circus. Wonder what Devyn did to him...
  • Dr. Buosk: she runs the Moscow free clinic. Normal lady, real b****.
  • The nameless girl: the group fed her to the psychomachea so they'd destroy each other. Later ran into her in an alternate reality. She has a secret.
  • Resplendant Crane archer: one of the original wu. No idea what her name was.
  • Old Clan Tzimisce person: she was lurking around Moscow for a while, hunting younger Tzimisce.
  • Arcanum librarian: True Brujah who liked to pretend to be senile. Drove Kai and Jack Cage nuts.
  • Ghosts of the Romanov family: the group got in touch with them, figuring it was only courteous considering Anastasia and all. They act as advisors sometimes.
  • Tsar Alexander I: he's a mummy. Acts as the spokesman for the family wraiths.
  • Consonance: Daughter of Cacophany, primogen, Elysium keeper for the Bolshoi, and the twin sister of the Nosferatu primogen.
  • Dissonance: The Nosferatu primogen, and Consonance's twin sister.
  • Felix: a wraith who used to haunt Sabrina; some ancestor of hers. Shows up every so often.
  • Slow Bro.....hi: The Malkavian Prince of Orenburg. Hangs out in Moscow often, because he's friends with Doc. Also likes to harass Ivan an awful lot.
  • Ally: Jack Cage's fiancee. Did I mention that he was chasing Lauren for a while? He never told anyone about Ally till the Setites grabbed her and tortured her. She came back as a Risen to kill Cage, but Josh talked her out of it.
  • Casca Longinus: the guy who stabbed Christ with the Spear of Destiny. They hunted him up to give him the thing so that they wouldn't have to worry about it any more. Hah!
  • A Satyr: a satyr woman who acted as backup for Susan at one point. Jake Hunter's daughter, so she'll probably be around again.
  • Another Satyr: a satyr man who is romantically inclined toward Jack Cage.

  • Wyatt Earp: A Malkavian who thinks he's Wyatt Earp. He and Doc used to hang out a lot.
  • Auric: A weredragon from Asia. Has a special history behind him. :)

Frank died in a car crash in 1999. Sweetest guy I've ever known, and he left behind his 2-year-old son, Bobby. We all miss you, Captain Frank!