Victorian Chronicle: Characters

Julia's Characters

  • Kit: born and raised in the streets of Whitechapel, Kit is an Orphan. He steals, does odd jobs, and reads tarot cards to make money. He also has some interesting problems.
  • 'Dora': Her sept sent this young Black Fury to England to watch over their Kinfolk. Now she's embroiled in an attempt to save Britain's Garou.
  • Than: A Malkavian whose dream is to be a famous actor. Instead, he's become a pawn of Mithras.
  • Belinda: Belinda is a Corax who lives as the pet of a noted Alienist. She's here out of curiosity.
  • Caelya: A little Pooka librarian. Her loves are books and shiny objects. She dreams of teaching children how wonderful books and libraries can be.

Nicolle's Characters

  • Kathy Roddinwood: a Euthanatos prostitute. Coming from a wealthy family, she rebelled against her father's attempts to find her a good husband, and ran off to Whitechapel to do as she pleased. She likes Both types.
  • I don't recall her name: A Tremere Anti-tribue placed by Darrien to investigate all these goings-on. She's learning more than she wanted to know.

Steve's Characters

  • Father Nigel: a priest, member of the Celestial Chorus. He's a recent arrival in Whitechapel.

Kat's Characters

  • Callista: an upper-class mage of the Cult of Ecstasy. She didn't last very long before the Technocracy got hold of her. Her brother haunted her after starving to death in Whitechapel.
  • Niobe: a young Verbena from Greece who takes care of her family. Has a split personality, the other half of which is Euthanatos.

Brian's Characters

  • Richard?: Garou Kinfolk who can heal people empathically. He's in over his head, and now he's in the care of...either the Baali or Tremere. It's hard to tell.
  • Some Stupid Guy: This fellow used to be a student at London's most prestigious university. But he was caught stealing artifacts from the British Museum, and now he's running scared with a curse on his head.

Non Player Characters

  • Asa Kaspar: a wealthy young man with a cat fetish. He's Bubasti Kinfolk, and a sorcerer to boot. With training in medicine, he works at a free medical clinic in Whitechapel, mostly ministering to cats. He has a familiar named Thoth, who takes the form of a pet cat.
  • Dr. Workman: a Progenitor doctor who used to work at the same clinic as Asa. He's rather mysterious, but there are rumors of what he does with the patients he takes to his personal area...
  • Dr. Rorke: an Electrodyne Engineer. He works at the clinic alongside Dr. Workman, but is rather nicer, though flakey. He's constantly telling people about his pet project, a mind-reading machine.
  • Porthalus Flint: Sluagh. He's a street kid, like Kit, but is good friends with Asa. He's a mutual contact for almost everyone in Whitechapel, and he helps Asa with his pet shelters too.
  • Jade: a member of the Arcanum. She reads many languages and dresses like a street boy to blend in in Whitechapel.
  • Alana: Ventrue anti-tribu. She runs Kathy's brothel, which Darrien owns.
  • Thomas: a mage sometimes seen around the East End. He kind of showed Kit the ropes when the boy first Awakened. The man's only shown up once in a cameo; however, I have a feeling he's got a bigger part to play, considering I was requested to draw him. ;)
  • Arianna: a Hermetic sent by the Traditions to find out what's going on with the ritual murders taking place recently.
  • Reggie: Callista's brother. He ran away from their rich father, then starved to death in Spitalfields. Now he's a spectre.
  • Julia: a Celestial Chorister intent on helping the people of Whitechapel by instituting a temperance movement. She's fallen on hard times, though, and now hides out in the East End.
  • Darrien: the head of the Sabbat in Whitechapel. Many people think he's just a rumor. He controls most of the "business" in the area. It's been said that no one has ever seen his face; he always wears a mask.
  • The Gypsy: Darrien's ambassador to the people of the East End. She's easy to find, and represents him in most things, especially ones during the daytime.
  • Mary: a Sidhe of House Scathach, also pledged to Fiona. One of the very few Sidhe in the world during the Victorian era, she is friends with Alana, as well as Porthalus' Lord.
  • Father Bright: a Catholic priest with surprising connections to Darrien.