Morality (WoD page 91)
Morality Threshold Sin Dice Rolled


Selfish thoughts

5 dice


Minor selfish act (withholding charity)

5 dice


Injury to another (accidental or otherwise)

4 dice


Petty theft (shoplifting)

4 dice


Grand theft (burglary)

3 dice


Intentional, mass property damage (arson)

3 dice


Impassioned crime (manslaughter)

3 dice


Planned crime (murder)

2 dice


Casual/callous crime (serial murder)

2 dice


Utter perversion, heinous act (mass murder)

2 dice

Willpower (page 95)

Willpower = Composure + Resolve

Spending Willpower:
Gain +3 modifier on any single roll.
Add +2 to Stamina, Resolve, Composure, or Defense to bolster resistance (page 133).

Only 1 Willpower may ever be spent in a single round.

Regaining Willpower:
Regain 1 point per scene if character exercises Vice
Regain 1 point after a full night’s rest or equivalent relaxation
Once per game session, regain all Willpower by exercising character’s Virtue
ST may choose to award 1 point if character does something that bolsters self-confidence
Regain all Willpower at the end of a story.

Rolling Dice (page 121; reference chart on page 38)

Dice pools:  The dice pool begins with Attribute + Ability (+ powers). 
Number of dice changes with variable modifiers (page 124; combat page 154).
A Reflexive action takes no time in a turn (page 131).
An Instant action is a standard action in a turn (page 126).
An Extended action stretches out over a longer time.  Allows you to accumulate successes (page 127).

Difficulty for a roll is always 7 (house rule; dropped from 8).
Normally only 1 success is needed.  Five usually means exceptional success (some exceptions apply).

Contested actions:  If opposed in an action, roll your dice pool while opponent rolls theirs.  The one with the most successes succeeds.
Ten-again:  10s are always re-rolled and added to the total number of successes.  Special circumstances may call for re-rolling 9s and even 8s in the same way.
Botches (house rule):  botches still exist.  1s cancel out successes.  If you end up with more 1s than successes, something bad happens.
Chance Die:  If your dice pool is 0 or lower, then you may roll a single die.  You can only succeed on a 10.  Botch still occurs on a 1.

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Other References

Attributes (page 42)
Skills (page 54)
Advantages (page 90)
Derangements (page 96)
Virtues (page 101)
Vices (page 103)

Merits (page 108)
Animals (page 202)
Sample NPCs (page 203)
Ghosts (page 208)
Flaws (page 218)

Combat (page 150; chart on page 154)

Initiative: Dexterity + Composure + results of one d10 roll (+ modifiers).  Highest initiative goes first.
Close combat:  Strength + Brawl or Weaponry – opponent’s Defense and Armor
Thrown weapons:  Dexterity + Athletics – opponent’s Defense and Armor
Firearms and archery:  Dexterity + Firearms – opponent’s Armor

Add weapon modifiers and other modifiers (see page 154 for examples), then roll.
Each success on an attack roll = 1 Health level of the appropriate damage type (page 152)
Grappling (page 157):  Roll Strength + Brawl – opponent’s Defense; Strength + Brawl – opponent’s Strength to overpower or to break free.

Dodge (page 156):  You may take your turn to do nothing but Dodge.  This doubles your Defense for the round.  You cannot dodge firearms.

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Weapons (page 168)
Explosives (page 178)

Damage (page 171)

Bashing Damage (page 174):  Inflicted by fists, clubs, falls.  Heal 1 point/15 minutes.  When final Health box has Bashing damage, make Stamina rolls each round to stay conscious (wound penalties do not apply).

Lethal Damage (page 174):  Inflicted by knives, axes, guns, fire, chainsaws.  Heal 1 point/2 days.  When all Health boxes are full with Lethal damage, the character falls comatose.

Aggravated Damage (page 175):  Inflicted by supernatural attacks.  Heal 1 point/week.  When all Health boxes are full with Aggravated damage, the character dies.

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