I existentially sneeze.


My favorite kind of games are the kind that tell a story, so here you'll mostly find roleplaying games (which means games in which you play an imaginary role, like an actor), both video game and tabletop or pen-and-paper. I avoid the online multi-player games like World of Warcraft, because while I enjoy games and telling stories, I enjoy other things too, and I like to spend some of my free time with friends, going outside, and occasionally cleaning my house.

Some of my favorite video games are Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Vagrant Story. I also like Dance Dance Revolution, which is a fun way to get a workout. Other than sharing cheat codes, though, it seems there isn't a whole lot to say about video games, so the majority of this section is devoted to tabletop roleplaying games, the characters and stories my friends and I have created, and the material we have created and shared. If you like anything you see on here, feel free to borrow it for your own game, but I ask that you respect our intellectual property. If you want to republish it, or modify and publish it, on your site or any other place, please give credit where it's due and fire a message back to me to let me know. You can reach me at bluesrat@gmail.com.

I find that many people don't really know what roleplaying games are, or how one plays them. Some people have only heard the sordid rumors--that it's a sign of being a social failure, that it destroys the work ethic, or that old saw, "It's devil worship!" The truth is, roleplaying games (or RPGs,for short) are no more harmful than any other hobby. They're a lot of fun, and what's more, they're an engaging social activity that can teach a player useful skills like teamwork, empathy, and problem solving. NASA even endorses playing RPGs on the International Space Station, where it helps relieve the cabin fever of the astronauts in a non-competitive way. To learn more, investigate my What are RPGs? page, where I've done my best to answer the questions and concerns of those of you who aren't familiar with the hobby.

Julia :)