I existentially sneeze.

List of Abilities

A list of the books I'm referencing, and the abbreviations.

Talents: Skills: Knowledges:
Acting Vtm2 MGT CPG Acrobatics VP2 VGC KOE MBoS CPG Academics Vtm3 MGT
Alertness Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Ancient Weapons Wto2 Accounting VP2
Animal Empathy Mum2 Animal Ken Vtm2 Vtm3 CPG Alchemy VP2 MBoS CPG
Artistic Expression VP2 MBoS CPG Animal Training VP2 MBoS Anthropology VP2
Athletics Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Archery VP2 MBoS CtD Wto2 CPG Archaeology VP2
Awareness Mum2 Mta2 Wto2 Artillery VP2 Architecture VP2
Blatancy MBoS Biotech MGT Area Knowledge VP2 MBoS CPG
Brawl Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Blacksmith VP2 CPG Art CtD Wto2
Carousing VP2 MBoS CPG Blind Fighting VP2 MBoS VPGS CPG Art History Vtm2 VP2
Diplomacy VP2 VGC MBoS CPG Blood Preparation VBH Astrology VP2 MBoS CPG
Dodge Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Boating Vtm2 CtD Wto2 Astronomy VP2
Dreaming VPGS Boat Handling VP2 Biology VP2
Dreamcraft WoDS Body Alteration VPGS Black Hand Knowledge VPGS
Empathy Vtm2 Mum2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Brewing/Distilling VP2 CPG Bureaucracy Vtm2 CtD Wto2
Expression Vtm2 Mum2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Bujo WoDG Chantry Politics MBoS
Fortune Telling/Divination VP2 Mum2 MBoS VGS VPGS WoDS CPG Bribery VP2 Chemistry VP2
Guile Vtm2 Wto2 Camouflage VP2 VGC MBoS CPG Church History I
Haggling VP2 VGC Carpentry VP2 CPG Church Lore I
Homiletics I Climbing VP2 MBoS CPG City Secrets VP2
Instruction VP2 Mta2 MBoS CtD Wto2 CPG Cooking Vtm2 VP2 Wto2 CPG Clan Knowledge VP2 VGC VPGS
Interrogation VP2 MBoS CPG Crafts KOE Mum2 MBoS Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Computer Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2
Intimidation Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Dancing VP2 MBoS CPG Computer Hacking VP2 VGC MBoS CPG
Intrigue Vtm2 VP2 VGC MBoS CtD Wto2 CPG Debate VP2 Conspiracy Theory MGT
Intuition Mta2 WoDS Demolitions VP2 MBoS Construct Politics MGT
Kenning CtD Disguise VP2 MBoS CtD Wto2 CPG Cosmology Mum2 Mta2
Leadership Vtm2 Vtm3 Diversion WoDG Covert Culture MGT
Masquerade VP2 Do Mta2 MBoS Criminology VP2
Mimicry VP2 MBoS CPG Drinking WoDG Cryptography VP2 MBoS MGT CPG
Negotiation MGT Drive Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Culture Mta2
Newspeak MGT Energy Weapons MGT Economics VP2 VGC
Painting Vtm2 Escapology VP2 MBoS CPG Electronics VP2
Panhandling VP2 VGS VPGS Etiquette Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Enigmas KOE Mum2 Mta2 CtD Wto2
Poetic Expression VP2 Falconry VP2 CPG Engineering VP2
Public Speaking VP2 Fast-draw VP2 MBoS CPG Finance Vtm2 Mum2 Vtm3 MGT CtD Wto2
Scan VP2 MBoS CPG Fast-talk VP2 MBoS CPG Forensics VP2
Scrounging VP2 VGC MBoS Wto2 CPG Firearms Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Genealogy CtD Wto2
Sculpture Vtm2 Fire Dancing VGS Geography Vtm2 CtD Wto2
Search Vtm2 VP2 VGC MBoS CtD Wto2 CPG Fire Eating VPGS Geology VP2
Seduction VP2 MBoS CtD CPG Fire Walking VPGS Hearth Wisdom WoDS
Sense Deception VP2 MBoS CPG First Aid VP2 MBoS CPG Heraldry VP2 CPG
Style VP2 MBoS CPG Fishing VP2 Herbalism MBoS CPG
Streetwise Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Forgery VP2 History Vtm2 VP2 VGC MBoS CtD Wto2 CPG
Subterfuge Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Fortune-telling WoDG/td> Investigation Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2
Swimming VP2 Gambling VP2 MBoS CPG Journalism Vtm2 CtD
Throwing VP2 Game Playing VP2 CPG Law Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2
Ventriloquism VP2 MBoS CPG Gunsmithing VP2 MBoS CPG Law Enforcement MGT
Lucid DreamingHoA Heavy Weaponry VP2 MBoS Wto2 Linguistics Vtm2 KOE Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2
Helmsman MGT Literature VP2 CPG
Herbalism VP2 Lore: Arcanum, Black Hand, Camarilla, Demonology, Faerie, Forbidden Secrets, Kindred, Lupine/Garou, Mage, Magical Societies, Marauders, Mummy, Nephandi, Romany, Sabbat, Seelie, Sewer, Spirit, Stone, Technocrats, Traditions, Underworld, Unseelie, Wraith, Wyrm VP2 Mta2 MBoS VPGS WoDS VBH WoDG CPG HoA
High Ritual MBoS Mathematics VP2
Hunting VP2 VGC MBoS CPG Media MGT
Hypertech MGT Medicine Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2
Hypnotism VP2 MBoS CPG Metallurgy VP2
Interrogation MGT Metaphysics WoDS
Jetpack MGT Meteorology VP2
Jeweler VP2 CPG Military Science Vtm2 VP2 CtD Wto2
Journalism VP2 Mythlore CtD
Jury-rig MGT Mythology Mum2 WoDS HoA
Leadership Mum2 Mta2 CtD Mto2 Naturalist VP2
Leatherworking VP2 CPG Occult Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 HoA
Lip Reading VP2 Pharmacopaeia MGT
Lockpicking VP2 MBoS CPG Philosophy Vtm2 CtD Wto2
Martial Arts KOE Physics VP2
Mechanic VP2 CPG Plague-breeding VCB
Medieval Weapons Wto2 Poisons MBoS CPG
Meditation VP2 KOE Mum2 Mta2 Wto2 Politics Vtm2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2
Melee Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Power-brokering MGT
Microgravity Operations MGT Propaganda MGT
Misdirection MBoS Psychology Vtm2 VP2 VGC MBoS MGT CtD Wto2 CPG HoA
Music Vtm2 Reality Deviant Data MGT
Networking MGT Rites I
Painting Vtm2 Rituals KOE
Parachuting VP2 Science Vtm2 Mta2 MBoS Vtm3 MGT CtD Wto2 CPG
Performance KOE Mum2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2 Scripture I
Photography VP2 Secret Code Languages MBoS
Pickpocket VP2 CPG Sign Language MBoS CPG
Piloting Vtm2 VP2 MBoS MGT CtD CPG Sub-dimensions MGT
Police Procedure VP2 Taxidermy MBoS CPG
Portents KOE Terrorism MGT
Pottery VP2 Thanatology Mum2 VBH
Psychoanalysis VP2 MBoS CPG Theater Vtm2 CtD Wto2
Repair Vtm2 CtD Wto2 Theology Vtm2 VP2 MBoS CtD Wto2 CPG
Research VP2 Mta2 WoDS Toxicology VP2
Ride VP2 MBoS CPG Vice MGT
Scribing Mum2 Occult Sciences HoA
Scuba VP2 Parapsychology HoA
Security Vtm2 Mum2 Vtm3 MGT CtD Paleology HoA
Singing VP2 MBoS CPG Sacred Scriptures HoA
Skiing VP2
Sleight of Hand VP2 CPG
Snake Charming VPGS
Speed Reading VP2 MBoS
Soulforging Wto2
Stealth Vtm2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD Wto2
Storytelling WoDG CPG
Survival Vtm2 Mum2 Mta2 Vtm3 CtD
Swimming MBoS CPG
The Talith WoDG
Technology Mta2
Throwing CPG
Tightrope Walking VPGS
Tracking VP2 MBoS CPG
Traps VP2 MBoS CPG
Vamp VGS