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RPG Character Sheets

Note: some of these were made for old versions of Acrobat Reader. I have tested them in newer versions, and though the preview is ugly in some versions, they still print just fine.

d20 Sheets

Star Wars d20 .PDF, 178 KB
Character sheet for the Star Wars d20 game.

OWoD Sheets

Kindred of the East 4-page .PDF file, 1.28 MB
Similar to the one from Blood and Silk, but made for modern nights.

Mortals 4-page .PDF file, 651 KB
Room for anything you want to do with a mortal--sorcerers, hunters, ghouls, whatever!

Land of 8 Million Dreams 4-page .PDF file, 616 KB
4-page sheet for the Hsien, or Asian Changelings. Modified from a 5-page sheet from the Right to Dream page.

Spirits 4-page .PDF file, 552 KB
Very useful for Werewolf and that sort of thing.

NWoD Sheets

OWoD organization, NWoD system.

New World of Darkness Mortals 4-page .PDF file, 658 KB
One piddly little page? Never! Let your character sprawl!

Vampire: the Requiem 4-page .PDF file, 550 KB
I found the one-page sheet hideously ugly compared to that lovely new book, and cramped besides.

New Mage 4-page .PDF file, 713 KB
Mage: the Awakening isn't due out till next Fall, but in the meantime here's a sheet for a Mage 'patch' game.

New Changeling 4-page .PDF file, 344 KB
A Changeling sheet to be used with our own 'house rules' Changeling game for the new system. The new Changeling is effectively the same as the old, except for a new magic and Glamour system. Check my Changeling page for details.

New Mummy 4-page .PDF file, 184 KB
A 4-page sheet for new WoD mummies. They convert very well, actually. Just use Balance as their Morality.

Werewolf: the Forsaken 4-page. .PDF file, 280 KB
A 4-page sheet for the new Werewolf game. Loads of extra room, with the older design. Much easier to read, I think.

Various Character Sheets

These are sheets I've found in various places. Some of them are the official 2nd Edition versions, which White Wolf has replaced.

Akashic Brotherhood 2nd Ed .PDF file, 254KB

Mage 2nd Ed .PDF file, 84.2 KB

Assamite 2nd Ed .PDF file, 1.18 MB

Tzimisce 2nd Ed .PDF file, 291 KB

Tremere 2nd Ed .PDF file, 282 KB

Werewolf 2nd Ed .PDF file, 258 KB

Marauder 2nd Ed .PDF file, 128 KB

Other Character Sheets

White Wolf's Official Character Sheets: official sheets for the new World of Darkness.

Right to Dream Changeling Character Sheets: every Changeling sheet you could ask for. Seriously!

Mant's Lair Character Sheets: a lot of unusual ones, like Black Spiral Dancer and True Brujah, as well as Anti-tribu versions for all the usual Clans.

Mr. Gone's World of Darkness Character Sheets: he does many sheets, many variations, including the neglected critters.